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IBD Builder Gel 56g
IBD Builder Gel 56g


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BD Buider  gel ,Thick Self-leveling Formula: Because of its high flow formulation, it does not require extra effort to achieve a smooth finish. It is easy to use, making it perfect for people trying builder gels for the first time.
Used By Nail Salons And Nail Professionals: It’s stylist-approved, giving nail pros, amateurs and beginners alike the flexibility to explore the creative side of nail art. It is specially formulated for nail extensions, tip overlays, and sculpting.
Durable and Odorless: The IBD UV Clear Builder Gel has the strength of acrylic nails minus the strong smell.
Achieve Permanent High Gloss Shine: It is incredibly transparent and has a long-lasting polished luster that will complete your look.
Covers Multiple Sets: A little goes a long way. This builder gel can last for a couple of weeks when used correctly and a little more than a month, even a year, when used sparingly.

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